Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Kisses Of Fire

The Sun shines unforgivingly from a cloudless sky and the fjord and the surrounding landscape seems set ablaze. Summer has arrived and all living things are reminded of the tremendous power the light of our nearby star contains.  And here where the winter brings long cold nights, we are loving every minute of it.
Sadly we are also reminded about the holes we have created in the ozone layer. So remember to use sunscreen or sunblock and a cap when on the water. Like Icarus found out, the Sun burns. I’m using factor 50 and are getting a tan anyway.
Today I visited Roskilde where a mad seal is hunting the waters. I didn't see it but a woman did yesterday and I guess she regrets it. It attacked her while she was in her kayak, and bit her twice in her arm. The zoologists are baffled and say they never have heard of similar instances. Maybe it’s the pollution that has pushed it to its breaking point.
Had a nice rest on my way up north. And I think more ‘pit stops’ would be a good idea. Maybe half an hour every 10 km., or every 2 hours sailed. Something like that.
Logged 28 km. TOY = 136 km.

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