Saturday, 2 June 2012

Review Of Kodak PlaySport Zx5 Burton Edition

A review of my camera, the Kodak PlaySport Zx5 Burton Edition, which I have bought just for my kayak adventures. I will award stars with 5 stars as maximum, which indicate the best of the best in my opinion.

Conclusion: ✯✯
The camera fulfills its function as an action camera and nothing more. It is waterproof, it can take a mild beating and  the screen is remarkable resistant to scratches. It is not very expensive, but then again, its not the best camera either. The battery can’t be changed and that means it cannot be used on a lengthy trip with no means of recharging. I may be a bit harsh only awarding it 2 stars, but it is below the average of today’s cameras. And maybe it belongs a year back in time. You get my review anyway. Who knows, you might want to buy a used one someday.

Camera Design: ✯✯✯
The look and feel of the camera is of course a very subjective experience. I Like it. The size is right. The edges are rounded. The buttons are small, but not too small. The look is plain and simple in a positive way.

Camera Functions: ✯✯ (The inability to focus by other means than autofocus is the BIG drawback)
Focus: Only auto, no way to control focus.
ISO: Only auto, no way to control ISO.
Zoom: Easy, but controlling the speed of the zoom is difficult if not impossible. The autofocus also seem to have trouble to follow the zoom.
Picture: Easy, but the autofocus can, and will, be a problem. It is better to make a video.
Video: Easy and simple. This is where the camera is at its best. The autofocus still represent a problem, but it is minor. The camera has the ability to capture frames, so it is better to make a short video and then select the best frames as pictures. However, the standard SD card that comes with the camera is not good enough. It’s a class 4 card, and videos in HD quality can be  choppy. You need at least a class 6 card.
Effects: From B&W over 70’s film to High Saturation and, as an nice extra feature, Underwater Correction.
Software: A program for sharing/uploading the pictures/videos and a program for editing. Both are ok. I do have one grief with the sharing program: It cannot share with Google’s Picasa, and that’s what I need.

Camera Accessories: ✯✯
Remote: ✯✯
More or less useless, to me anyway. It’s only possible to use the remote in front of the camera, because on the front is where the sensor of the camera is placed. That means you cannot be behind the camera, which is the most common position in a kayak. Combine that with the problem with the autofocus when taking pictures, and you will find it is not even useful when taking a self portrait.
Flexible Tripod: ✯✯✯✯
Nice little thing. It's possible to secure it on the deck, and because of the small size of it, it can be easily transported. It’s functionality is also nearly immune to dust and dirt due to its material and design. It could use the function of a suction cup, but I think there is some gear for anglers that could be used in that respect.
Mount/Leg Strap: ✯✯
Well, since I don’t have arms the size of schwarzenegger's I can only use it around my leg. And that is a real success for a kayaker, NOT...
I do got an extra strap and in a combination I can use it around my chest. So instead of only awarding a single star, I reluctantly award it two.
Case: ✯✯
Standard and easy to use.

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