Sunday, 10 June 2012

Gain, Not Only Pain

The past week I have worked hard in the gym but haven't done much kayaking. Only a single trip wednesday to Værebro Å together with my daughter. She normally doesn't kayak but sometimes I succeed in luring her of the land and out on the water.
The trip was only about 11 km. (6 nautical miles), but I can now see my PRO, Physical Recovery Operation, is paying off. It is no problem to paddle 11 km. I can’t even feel it in my muscles. Some will say I need a new paddle, and they are probably right, but just one and a half month ago, I was barely able to paddle 5 km. Now I can paddle 17 nautical miles in one day (that makes me tired, still) and 6 nautical miles without breaking a sweat (well, temperatures ain't so high yet).
I’m a bit worried about forgetting my reason, kayaking,  to train in the gym, and just train for the training itself. It is quite nice in a gym: It never rains, it’s always warm and there are pretty women prancing about. So I have planned a two day trip beginning tomorrow. Will write about it this wednesday at the latest.
Logged = 11 km. TOY = 225 km.

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