Saturday, 21 April 2012

Early Takeoff

I wouldn't/couldn't wait for that darn water temp to go up, so I went paddling.
I used the borrowed bicycle and the trailer, and rode 8 km. to get to the artificial lakes at Brøndby Strand.
I launched the kayak and off I went. It was nice!! A little bit of sun found its way through the clouds, the wind was blowing at my back and the cries of nesting sea gulls cut through the air. I only paddled about 4.5 km. but it was awesome. Then I rode the bicycle 8 km. back home.
The bicycle trailer performed well, and on the way home some police officers saw me and joked that I needed a driver license to a truck to be riding around with a trailer that size BUT they didn't stop me. I guess they thought it was ok. as long as the trailer didn't harass the traffic.
I don't have many pictures or videos of my trip because I haven't bought a waterproof camera yet. But here’s what I got:

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