Friday, 27 April 2012

Translocation I

With a little help from a friend I have moved my kayak from Copenhagen to Frederikssund by Roskilde Fjord.
Sadly I had not really checked out the facilities in the club, Frederikssund Sejlklub, before I applied for membership. A quick pro/con of the club so far:

Easy access by paddling to both north and south of the fiord.
Easy access by public transportation.
Beautiful surroundings.
Access to toilet/bath.
Outside rack to the kayaks.
No storage facilities for equipment.
No kayak division in the club.
No club equipment for kayaks.
No proper Clubhouse. Just a room with some tables and stools.
No kitchen, so no chance of making a cup of coffee or anything.
Extremely long response time upon contacting the club. (Should have warned me).

Conclusion: I cannot recommend this club to kayakers, though it’s better than nothing, and the fiord is first class.

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