Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Waiting To Inhale

Gray/rainy day. The wind was shifting randomly from south to east and changing speed from force 1 to 4-5 Beaufort. The fjord was amazingly shallow when I started the trip.
Down south I went. Down to Risø, the only danish facility made for producing nuclear power. Only as a research, and nuclear power has never been produced in Denmark for any commercial purpose. Now the reactors has been demolished and DTU (the Technical University of Denmark) has taken over the buildings. Test with radiation effects on plants etc. are still going on so the facility are off limits.
On my way back to Jyllinge I found out new things about Roskilde Fjord:
When the wind blows there can be big waves in the fjord. And they raise or disappeared immediately according to the wind.
There can be very very shallow if the conditions are right. The fjord is not affected by the tides like a beach out at the sea, the shape and size of it more or less neutralizes the tide governed by the moon's gravity. Instead it is sensitive to the prevailing winds. In this case the wind had been blowing from the south for some days which had meant that the fjord had been nearly emptied. Now the wind was shifty, and I guess some kind of critical state had been reached. The water was pouring back into the fjord while I made my way back north. It was an awesome phenomena to be in the middle of.
If you look at a map of Sealand, the two fjords, Isefjorden and Roskilde Fjord, almost look like the lungs of the Island. And now after a long exhale they were inhaling water from Kattegat. New water without the nitrogen and phosphorus from the agriculture, which are the biggest problem for the fjords of Denmark.
I have tried to upload a small video of the scenery. Apologize for the missing sound but I'm still learning how to use the camera. Imagine the sound of running water in a creek.
Logged 13 km. TOY = 66 km.

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