Monday, 7 May 2012

Once Around Eskildsø

A day with fair wind, clouds and some sun. I might add ‘nothing special’ but that would be untrue. Every day on the water is special and the landscape surrounding the fjord is just plain beautiful. I have discovered that the beauty of a natural scenery is very hard to capture on pictures, so I will just show a fisherman’s cottage and one of the many shelters you can find along the coast of the fjord. At this particular shelter, Salvadparken, I had my lunch today.
The Island Eskildsø is the biggest island in the fjord. It has one farm and a ruin of an old monastery. The farm is only partly used when cattle are shipped across from the mainland to graze when the winter is over. The monastery is said to have been disbanded by the Bishop Absalon because the monks were living a life of wine, women and song (go monks!).
Logged 11 km. TOY = 53 km.

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