Thursday, 14 June 2012

How Time Flies

Well, wednesday came and went, and no post on my blog. Sorry.
I didn't make the two-day trip. Instead I made two one day trips. The only reason for that is that I'm getting too comfortable. Need to do something about that (hmm, later).

But back to my two trips.

Monday I went to Skuldelev Strand. A place I have been before, and a place where I knew I could bask in the sun doing absolutely nothing. And that's what I did. Nothing happened, the weather was perfect, I ate a couple of tuna sandwiches, drank some coffee and then behaved like a well fed seal on a beach. Bliss...
Logged 15 km. TOY = 240 km.

Tuesday I knew I had to do something if I should get out of this, in lack of a better description, pleasant inactivity of both body and soul. So I activated one of my premade plans, which would involve a transport over land. I say ‘would’ because, of cause, I didn't make it. What I did make, was a trip around Eskildsø supersized.
As a new feature I have tried to draw the route in Google Earth. Should make it easy to get an overview.
At my northmost pitstop I got a rain squall while I was making coffee, but otherwise the weather was perfect again. Sometimes the wind died out, and then it felt and looked like I was paddling in the sky.
Logged 27 km. TOY = 267 km.

A little piece of heaven

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