Saturday, 28 April 2012

And Now I Declare The Season For Officially Open

Some places along the fiord the temperature has reached 10° celcius. That means my paddling season has begun. So I went out on the first paddle of the year on my new home waters, Roskilde Fjord.
The sky was gray and dull, it did rain a bit and the wind did blow a bit too strong for my liking but it was ok. I quickly ate my breakfast, packed all I needed to go paddling (remember: It’s not possible to store anything at the club) and off I went. It’s pretty annoying to be using public transport while having to carry wetsuit, paddle, swim vest, wind breaker etc. etc. You get the picture. But it’s possible.
I changed clothes at the kayak and launched it at the rack where there are a tiny launching site full of rocks. The club has an ok. floating jetty, but it's too far away to carry your kayak solo (remember: the club has no club equipment like kayak trolleys).
Just the feeling of being on the water made everything alright.
I went past the bridge, Kronprins Frederiks Bro, and back. Paddled through the little canal in the city on my way out. Nothing special or anything. Saw a lot of Mute Swans and Eiders.
A nice trip.
Logged 7 km. so now my total of the year, TOY, is 11.5 km. Hmmm, gonna skip the 0.5 measurement so TOY is now 12 km.

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